jueves, enero 11, 2007
.:To My English Speaking Readers:.

I want to welcome you all to the Colombian Remake of Desperate Housewives Blog. After a month without updating, i'm back and charged with a lot of news, so you can find out about all the gossip of this remake.

I'm not gonna have too many english posts because this is only a recopilation of news about the project, and some made by me. But i'm gonna try to find and post all the news in english i find about Colombian Desperate, and all the post made by are going to be in english and spanish.

If you find any news about this remake, you can send them to this mail:
All news sent by you are going to have its credits. Or if you want to colaborate with this blog you can send a mail with your proposal.

We also have our official forum, where you are going to be able to comment everything you want, do you love this remake??, or do you hate it??. Say it in our forum, visit:
Most of the topics and posts are in spanish, but feel free to open new topics ans discuss in english, you just have to register and thats it.

I hope you enjoy the blog and keep visiting it.

My best wishes.



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